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Pioneers of Fiber Art

Wan man

Wan man, whose primitive name is Maryn Varbanov, was born in Bulgaria at 1932, entered sculpture department of Bulgaria Sofia academy of fine arts at 1951, starting from 1953, he came to China and stu... >>>

Magdalena Abakanowicz

Born in 1930 to an aristocratic family that lived outside of Warsaw, Abakanowicz witnessed first the privations of World War II and then life under the communist regime. She began her career in Warsaw... >>>

Olga de Amaral

Olga de Amaral was born into a family of engineers in 1932 in Bogota, Colombia. After high school, she studied architectural drafting for two years at Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca in Bogota. She atte... >>>

Lenore Tawney

Lenore Tawney was born in Lorain, Ohio,USA in 1907. In the 1940s, she studied art in Chicago with Lazlo Moholy-Nagy and with the modernist sculptor Alexander Archipenko. After studying tapestry in 195... >>>

Liang Shaoji

Born in 1945 in Shanghai and studied at the ‘Varbanov’ Institute of Tapestry at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art in Hangzhou, China. His early work consisted of serenely abstract hangings and install... >>>