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A word from the curator

In September 2013, Hangzhou, the ancient Home of Silk, welcomes the first Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art.Hangzhou was the location of the first Imperial Painting Academy of China. Today, the city houses the China Academy of Art, the art academy with the longest history in modern China. In ... >>>

Curatorial Team

Curatorial Team >>>


Hangzhou is situated in Zhejiang Province; it has a very deep historical and cultural heritage. Firstly, the history of silk production in Hangzhou can be traced to the age of the Liangzhu Culture (circa. 3400 – 2250 BC). Secondly, the surrounding West Lake Cultural Landscape is named on t... >>>


Examining traditionsIn the history of human culture, there has never been a cultural form that has such a long history as textile practices and fiber art.Textiles, thread, fibre, cloth, and fabric – at once commonplace and indispensable – attracts a wide array of myth and metaphor. Its fl... >>>

Exposition of the themes

The first Hangzhou International Triennial of Fibre Art will have ‘Fibre Visions’ as its theme.‘Fibre Visions’ will elaborate on ‘fibre’, an ancient, historical yet indispensable material with profound implications for our society, life and spiritual world.As a cultural vision, Fibre e... >>>